Healthcare in 3D Terms and Phrases

Attribution of responsibility for the increase or decrease of the value of care afforded to patient.
Accountable Care Organizations
Groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who voluntarily coordinated high quality health care for their Medicare patients.
Accountable Delivery Model
An Alternative Payment Model where payment is based on outcome accountability instead of simply Fee For Service.
The logic of a medical decision begins with an event is classified by prior information, which stages an action in response to the event. The action can be a set of possible acts, with one or more appropriate for the event classified by prior information.
Action Spectrum
Possible set of acts known from a patient centered context and the clinical decision at hand.
Care decisions implemented by providers to affect that health of the patient.
Acts of Logic (Acts)
Clinical decision along the care path.
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Healthcare in 3 Dimensions is a system to optimize and assess the delivery of healthcare using counterfactual analysis of care paths, managing costs without sacrificing the individuality of the patient.


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