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Welcome to Healthcare in 3D

Controlling health care costs is a daunting task, not for the faint of heart. This video will introduce a novel method to bring together the many players in health care to work toward a common goal. The massive disjointed health care system obscures understanding why health care costs are not optimized to provide the right service for the right patient at the right time. Health Care in 3 Dimensions is a method to foster this optimization, and to show where to locate in the logic of health care delivery the best place to find cost saving opportunities.

The Patient Journey Through the World of Health Care in 3D

In the world of HealthCare in 3D the cube and specifically the inflection point is the primary modeling construct. The inflection point, where the provider action occurs, is the demark between prior information (the past) and outcomes (the future). The patient journey is subsequently a series of cubes where prior information is used at each inflection point to recommend a care path that has the highest probability of the desired outcome.

Healthcare in 3 Dimensions is a system to optimize and assess the delivery of healthcare using counterfactual analysis of care paths, managing costs without sacrificing the individuality of the patient.


Apr 2018
TennCare Releases TAG Video

TennCare has released some new participant commentary on its Technical Advisory Groups (TAG). For a video introduction to TennCare TAGs visit YouTube.

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Dec 2017
Blog "Pyramid of Value"
Robert Ripley MD opines on the promise of holistic patient centered approaches. Read more …
Oct 2017
The “Pyramid of Value”

Robert Ripley MD, will be presenting the “Pyramid of Value” at the 2017 PCMH Congress, November 3rd & 4th.

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