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Introducing Health Care in 3 Dimensions

Cost control is a demanding muse, not so easy to do as one might think, and more complex than the services and the standards that apply to them that generate the costs. Health Care in 3 Dimensions is proposed as a tool to assist health care entities to navigate the information that emanates from this world. The initial step is classification, and HCn3D offers the very general dimensions of Networks, the Logic of health care, and the evolution of the 2 dimensions in how they interact over time as the 3rd dimension. This initial stab at classification in this comprehensive model sets the stage for more specific classifications to narrow the information down to manageable levels, first as models, then as data, both limited by queries of the related entities of the network. This sets the stage for formulating clinical and cost saving scenarios expressed as queries into the world of many health care dimensions.

Most health care entities are comfortable with the functionality of the data and the analytic tools within their control, but falter when they do not control the information of other network entities. Cost control needs the broad classifications of HCn3D because the information must be specific enough to generate cost control drivers and must translate to interventions requiring transparency among several network entities. Thus big and small data must be coordinated within the span of the network environment to achieve value; there is very little sharing of information among the network entities, and the logic of providers, whereby information is assembled at the patient level. The 3rd dimension is evolution of Logical atomic events as encounters at the patient level over time through the network.

The purpose of HCn3D is to organize information from any source around the decision making process at its most granular, the single clinical encounter, denoted logic. Because encounters are rich in information, realizing the potential for the encounter to exist in the world of cost containment and quality requires the encounter be linked to the network in a way that recognizes differences in the language of health care, or semantics, and in technology, the quantified language.

<a href="/HCn3D-System/Logic">Patient TRANSACTIONS</a>
Logic is the fundamental operation of providers to assess and make decisions from patient centered data. Read more …
<a href="/HCn3D-System/Network">Patient Centered Network</a>
Unit of measurement centered on the patient is the most granular; and is the foundation of the units of measurement of the higher levels. Read more …
<a href="/HCn3D-System/Value">Value</a>
Value based on the ratio of outcomes to cost is the emerging standard for pay for performance programs. Read more …

It has to be about the patient.

Dr. Robert Ripley

Healthcare in 3 Dimensions is a system to optimize and assess the delivery of healthcare using counterfactual analysis of care paths, managing costs without sacrificing the individuality of the patient.


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